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Doing it from Home

Being at home has actually been pretty good for my muse and writing. There's only so many things I can procrastinate with. Work out, cook (I don't suck at making bread anymore), games, write, read and sit on kid to do schoolwork. As much as it's been a trial on patience and the ability to stay grounded while seeing the same four walls and having limited contact with others outside my immediate household, there's been a lot of learning going on.

Patience and finding a lot of constructive things to do during my procrastination bouts, have really helped to make the circumstances at move in a more productive way. Flexing the mind definitely helps it to withstand the physical close quarters. Books are definitely important now more than ever, flexing our imagination, and expanding both physical and mental patience with whatever we can do constructive to pass the time.

Routines and self-motivation are important, variation is too, just like in writing, life right now definitely is requiring we get better at keeping them all as best we can.

No more ranting for the day, thanks for the continued support and take care of yourselves and each other however you can

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