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First off, I'd like to thank my visitors for checking out all my social media outlets and website. Reaching a steadily growing audience is always an exciting thing, and I'm glad whenever I can reach out to a new visitor for even a few moments. and It's been a rigorous month, with no shortage of surprises and response globally as I'm sure everyone already knows. Over the last few months I haven't completed as much as I would have liked, but am grateful for what I have been able to do so far.

As of last night, I have officially started posting excerpts from Between Gods and Mortals II: The Wraith's Memory. I'll be posting one or two a month until the Summer release, so come and check it out.

Along with this, I'll be posting fewer shorts to my website other than Twelve Lives, and making room for new things to come. Patrons of the Pen will resume soon, and is currently TBA.

Thank you for your continued support

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