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Book Launch Day! Secret Code Inside

It's finally here, the release date of Between Gods and Mortals II: The Wraith's Memory! It comes with a hearty discount code, good through Saturday night, and a heart-felt thanks to all my supporters. With some technical difficulties going on, The Wraith's Memory is currently only accessible through my website- however, I will be posting up when it is available through Amazon, B.Nobles, and the other venues.

It's not a launch day without technical difficulties, right?

Right now, we're having a Launch day over at,

where raffles for free e-copies are being given out, a few appearances with be happening, and some live-streaming conversation is going up this evening.

If you're interested in a free e-copy, an author wanting to share their own work, or just looking to check it out come drop by.

By website shop only, The Secret Discount code is #BGAM2

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