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Between Gods and Mortals I: Dragonborn

Five Amaranthine coveting godhood commit horrific actions against mortals and the world they share and are granted twisted versions of their desire. 

Dragonborn follows the story of Fayet and his own journey to humanity, by watching mortals over time. He eventually falls for a mortal woman named Ayshir and assuming a mortal shell builds a family and home with her.

However, the events preceding their union and the ones that that follow after, slowly bring a darkness that threatens to destroy his family. 

Between Gods and Mortals II:
The Wraith's Memory
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    The massacre of a village by a mysterious group of conspirators spreads division and war across Liansea and chases survivors to the last strongholds standing, Terimah and Nismyth.
When Terimah’s strict entry rules cost more refugee lives-Mortal and Amaranthine alike, refugees turn to Nismyth and their open-gate policy. Unaware of the corruption being cultivated in the ruling family, infecting everyone from the upper echelon down to the lowest villagers.
    When a mysterious illness brings tragedy to the village of Aritehn, wounding both the population and trust in their rulers, many villagers including a young man named Chiron, seek ways to save Aritehn themselves. An interview with Nismyth’s military recruiter sets his course when he is sponsored for education instead, and exposed to more of the corruption than before. Choosing to defy his sponsor costs him more than he could ever fathom and sets a dark path ahead of him.

The Wraith’s Memory follows Chiron’s beginnings and walks the path leading him to his future, and the one who might hold the path to his redemption.

12 Lives

   A mystery of sudden immortality, a closed-in, empty city, and an experiment that brought them both on. What is the experiment, who started it, most of all what lies behind the experiment, and is escape even possible?


Mysteries and revelations unfold, as the unwilling participants are led into a maze of questions, and uncertain answers.