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Here you can check out my stories, articles and musings about writing, as well and read some of my other projects.

The Series Articles are on the left and the Standalone Articles are on the right. Short stories, serials, standalone prose, and a bit of poetry are in the drop-down tab of the page. 


Series Articles

From Start to Finish

From Start To Finish, is all about the process of writing your story. From Concept to Critique to Dressing Up, this series goes article by article to give guidance, advice, and encouragement for you to get started on your work. 


Standalone Articles


Writing What You Know

When we write, sometimes what we've experienced in life comes out in our character and stories. It's nothing to be considered negatively, we're just writing what we know. As writers, our readers don't really get to know us by sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee with us, but they do learn about us through our writing. 

Guest Post Articles


All articles are published on other sites, and are linked to the title.

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