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Patrons Of The Pen

Throughout history and mythology there have been many, who were revered for involvement and shaping of the writing and learning arts. They have been named as patrons of the craft of writing in all its many forms. Each culture has at least one, and the stories behind them are often fascinating. From the East to the Western cultures, we'll explore the Patrons Of The Pen.

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Sugawara no Michizane

The patron deity over scholarship, study, and poetry for the country of Japan. he is also known as Tenjin. Many students visit his shrines for blessings in their studies every year.


Known as the god of a thousand names, one for each aspect of his character, Odin is a complicated, mysterious patron. Known as a god of death, healing, sorcery, and battle (among other things), in Norse mythology, Odin is truly a master of many hats. Despite so many parts, Odin is also the god of knowledge, poetry, and the runic alphabet, and took extreme measures to gain all of them.



Dressed in pure white and unadorned by jewels and ornaments, I represent the pursuit of knowledge over the material and the purity of true knowledge. Sitting upon the white lotus, accompanied by a swan, I am purity and known throughout the world by many names, I am Sarasvati, muse, and patron to the artist, mother of the Vedas, the origin of speech and so much more. I am the goddess of knowledge, music, the creative arts, speech, and the sciences and while my arms represent the four aspects of human personality, I offer in three hands ways through literature and music, to express them, and in my fourth, I hold a pot of sacred water.”

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The word 'serpent' comes from the Latin 'serpens', meaning a creeping thing or snake. The symbol is one of the oldest and most commonly used across ancient cultures symbolizing wisdom, death, rebirth, fertility, protection, procreation, wisdom and knowledge. North and Meso American serpents have for long years been venerated as bringing knowledge and wisdom enough to build whole civilizations and to bring the wisdom to grow and thrive in both.

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