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Hello all,

May already, time's just been flying by. WIPs, read and reviews, articles, and working with my editor, early mornings and late nights. Chewing through my articles and other writing projects lately, so nothing really new there.

What is new is the authors whose story, conversation, poem, or interesting topics I've gotten to get lost in and give a review back as thanks.

Over the last few months I've been introduced to some amazing books from the list authors on Twitter posted. Below are the ones I've finished so far:

How Tall is the Grass In Germany @Lawdemigod

Ethics in Energy Medicine @HeidiHeidilight

Road To Redemption @canuckclick

Silver Haze @pankajvarma1

Life Instructions @MadameWritelySo

A Uncomfortable Conversation @D_Anthony_M

All of this were great reads, and I'm looking forward to reading and sharing the next ones as well.

Find an author, pick a book, and give them one of these:

Thanks for the continued support:)

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