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Happy Holidays, making changes

So here comes the holiday onslaught, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. It's an exciting and busy time for everyone celebrating the various coinciding holidays of these, so remember to relax.

Now for the announcements. I promised an article series on travel through Traditional Publishing and how Self-Publishing compares and I'll be putting up issues of that over the holiday, those will be the only announcements until January. I hope it will give those trying to decide which one they want, some insight from the experiences I've had. I'll even be putting in my preference at the end. I am currently working on the Twelve Lives

for the month and hope to have a new project finished by the end of the year. It's out of my usual sandbox, so wish me luck. My niece said she wanted me to write a horror story for young readers. There's also going to be some changes I won't announce just yet.

Many thanks to all who have been following my blog and twitter, lending your support. It's very greatly appreciated and inspiring to improve based off the lessons and experiences I've gained.

Happy Holidays

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