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A note on publishing

Hello all,

I have quite a bit to share as far as progress goes, so let's get to it. First off, 12 Lives and Patrons of the Pen are officially on hiatus until I finish the Dragonborn project and get it released, out on August 28th this year through the publisher Rad Writing. Publishing is turning out to be quite the learning experience for me, going through not only several rounds of edits (I'm currently in another round, after the proofreaders checked it out...sigh), but to also see the footwork involved in the marketing and promoting set up. All this while keeping on top of the rest of the series. You get crazy busy before you even realized it happened.

It's been a lot of work, but it's also been kind of fun. I used to be very uncomfortable talking about my book to others, but now that I've had to do it as my work well, that's mostly gone. Now if I can just get a succinct summary down, I'll be good. Funny how it's easy to write a 200-page book but, nearly impossible to summarize it in three sentences or less. I'm working on it...maybe some cue cards will help.

Second, I've got book signings and events I'm setting up and that's been quite an interesting experience as well. It wouldn't have started if a close friend hadn't told a local bookstore owner I was a writer when we visited. I owe her quite a bit since it opened a door to some opportunities I don't think I would've pursued on my own.

The book signings and events will be in Alaska in the Anchorage and Matsu valley area for now and dates will be coming up for that. Everyone is invited as always.

There was more to share but, this is plenty for now. Keep watching for updates. As things start to stabilize again, I'll be sharing more on what's going on and where. I'll definitely be writing a bit of an article on publishing and marketing after this first adventure is done.

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