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Satisfying results and new starts

I'm happy and relieved to announce that despite some unforeseen hiccups in the editing process for Between Gods and Mortals publication preparations, we've finally gotten the last of the editing done and it's heading to the next stage. Proofreading. I'll be getting back full-time to other projects that have had to take a backseat to deadlines and will be starting a new project story in the future. More on that later. I'm getting proofs of the cover soon, so I'll be excited to being deciding on that soon. Everything is coming together at lightning speeds, its fun trying to keep up.

For now, I'm elated to be able to get back to working on the second and third installment of the Between Gods and Mortals series. First one to come into publication this fall.

Apologies for the delayed posts, there's a never a dull moment with multiple projects. Follow my Twitter and Facebook to get more frequent updates on projects and publishing.

Thanks for your continued support.

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