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The smell of coffee, promise of a good scare in a book, and work to do. Hello Monday

Happy coffee Monday all!

It's definitely been a busy February and March is looking like its twin right now-just full of work days starting at 3 am (I love it) . Finishing up and starting on cover designs to get the soon to be released Between Gods and Mortals (Yep, the series name got an upgrade too) lookin0g just right. I can't say too much about the cover since it's not done yet, but it's looking awesome so far. As for edits, looks like we’ll finally be done this month and published by fall. I haven’t been this excited to see what happens in a while but I’m also excited to be able to get back my regularly scheduled projects.

Thank you for the continued support during my long absences, working hard to bring out the best I can and I will continue to do so. There will definitely be an article of Patrons of the Pen going up this month, it’s a good one too. Fitting for spring.

Thank you for your continued support.

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