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Fixed, Finished, and Final


A lot has happened in the last month, research mostly but that was expected. Put out a new part to the Twelve Lives serial, fixed an article that didn't post correctly, and put up a new one for the month. Nearly finished with the current finished I mean I can finally see the other side over the boiling lake of lava. Anyways, despite writer's block, procrastination, life, and general strategic avoidance of the inevitable, I am nearly at the finish line.

Another interesting development this past June/July, was being picked up by a publisher so that happened. My current work is in their hands for re-publishing, so unfortunately it's not available in it's original form any longer. Being originally self-published, I can't say it was easy to agree to all the rules of traditional publishing. In fact, it was downright scary and more than a little stressful to decide on, but I'm looking forward to a better take off than my previous efforts have yielded.

That's all for now, check out the new articles and next piece of the puzzle in 12 Lives and have a great weekend.

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