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What’s a writer? part 2

Make a commitment to the craft

Commitment. It’s a long word with a complex meaning that can change based off what it is applied to. In writing, I’ve always found it very important in getting started. Before I even start brainstorming a story and trying to plan my timeline for it, I search for my commitment to both starting and finishing it. While finding out whether I can commit to the project, I also find my inspiration and conviction in why I want to write. The connection to the core of the idea that will eventually become a story makes the commitment a special and important part of being a writer to me. It’s got its own elements of romance in it, to me. I love the idea of forming a bond and commit to it, growing with it, and feeling the passion rise. Putting work in to make the relationship stronger, so even smoldering embers is a reminder that it’s still there.

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