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The Holidays and Exciting News

It's late but, Happy Halloween, and it's early but Merry all the other holidays coming up.

It's been a long and eventful year so far, I haven't read as many books as I would have liked to get through with editing smack in the middle of the year but, I'm in the final month of it and I'm excited to get going on my reading again. In the meantime, I have been working on some smaller projects and shorts while on my unexpected hiatus. I have upcoming articles in the works and will be starting up my Patrons of the Pen again soon, and putting in more installments to Twelve Lives.

As for the hiatus reason, my family is about to get a little bigger with an adoption in the works. We're almost to the finish line, kiddo lives with us, we've adopted another cat, and we're ready to finalize the kiddo into our little Addams Family like set-up.

So the holidays will be an interesting and probably short story rich chunk of time, with an article here and there. Also, I'm working on a novelette, and the book cover for my second BGAM book.

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