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Return of the Posting

It has definitely been a while since posting anything, with the holidays and a lot of life events coming up all at once as well as being ill, it's been a busy three months. Things are settling back down now and while I can't say they're completely back to normal, I have free time again. Yay! So first, some announcements.

I'm excited and happy to say that my publishing company Rad Writing has started putting up promos on my Facebook page for my book with a reworking on the title TBA. So check it out.

My life the last couple months

Second, there's going to be some changes to my postings. Patrons of the Pen and 12 Lives are going to be on alternating months for now, to make time for my publishing and editing efforts.

I'll be making more regular updates from here regular as I can make until everything is settled anyway. Hopefully everyone's holidays were spectacular and I'm looking forward to an exciting (the good kind) new year.

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