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What’s a writer? part 3

Do you need a reason to write, other than you want to?

Every has their own reasons for writing, putting imagination to paper, and letting their words create new worlds. So it's not surprising that there would be countless answers to this question. I can’t say that I don’t have other reasons for writing besides I enjoy it but, that is one reason. Otherwise, I enjoy creating something that I can be just as enthralled with making as someone else will be in reading. I like having a way to convey the more complex and zany understandings and beliefs I have, without it being boring or one-sided. The best reason I could give, though, is that I enjoy seeing all the different aspects of my life: the past, present, future, good and bad, and influences from life experience and friends and family take shape in my writing. If I had a reason to write, that’s probably the best one I can give.

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