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The Adventures of Self-Publishing...or maybe it's Self-Punishing

So yeah I'm in the (hopefully) final stretch of self-publishing: copy cover polish and then processing. Yay.

The picture looked cool, light at the end of the tunnel sort of thing

I am tired, and there's so much waiting but you have to keep alert? I'm excited because hopefully soon I'll get to see what the cover and prototype looks like so I'll actually post it up too. That's exciting, and what else is exciting? Knowing you're going to start the process all over again when you're ready to do your next book, but this time knowing what to expect. That is actually something that excites me, I won't be stumbling around to figure out what to do next time around.

Hopefully I'll have a release date soon too, that holds up a lot of stuff you can do...imagine that. One tiny little important date.

Anyways, I'm excited

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